Development of the “E-Pub” project finished

The impulse for starting this project comes from our experience with implementing web presentations for the Café Boulder and the Kaplířka restaurant. We have found out that the restaurant-owners often want to inform the public about various cultural events on their web sites and run a photo gallery or an on-line menu of drinks and meals. Therefore we began to deal with a project of an editorial system meeting requirements of these institutions. The task was clear: as easy as possible with maximum of functions.


The E-Pub system, translatable exactly as an “electronic-pub” system, enables the complete control above the web presentation of a restaurant, club, bar or canteen. This system can be administrated by more users and provides number of functions:

  • On-line menu
    • divided inttwparts: drinks and meals
    • inserting, deleting and changing items in the menu, emphasizing interesting offers and news enabled
    • various possibilities of printing directly from your computer
    • data-export for MS Excel
  • Daily menu
    • with the possibility of inserting, deleting and changing items in the daily menu and emphasizing interesting offers
    • automatic update at the end of each week
    • various possibilities of printing directly from your computer
    • data-export for MS Excel
  • Opening hours
    • can be changed
  • Cultural events
    • inserting, deleting and editing cultural events
    • integrated calendar
    • adding pictures and photographs tevents
    • emphasizing more important events and offers
  • Photgallery
    • creation and administration of photgalleries
    • inserting photographs with the possibility of adding comments
    • support of all generally used formats (JPEG, GIF, BMP, PNG)
    • inserting photographs as ZIP files enabled

Visiting all customers who are interested in this product and personal presentation of its functions will be a pleasure for us. You can contact us here.

The Bolevecká Basic School`s web sites

We have finished the internet presentation of the Bolevecká Basic School. We have created a massive editorial system for these web sites according to customer`s requirements. This system allows its users to insert news, schedules, lists of students or sports events onto the web sites. It also enables to work with the photo gallery, publicate documents or get to the current menu of the school canteen.

The school web sites are available on:

Bolevecká ZŠ
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